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The Rapid Development of Rock Drill Bit

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What is rock drilling tool? How does it work? How important role it plays in well industry or mining industry? Under those questions, we may draw a conclusion that people do not know much information about drilling tools. Here some introduction about drilling tools will be given.

Rock drilling tools are made of rock drill bit, drilling robs, bit shanks and so on. It is widely used in mining, well-drilling industry as well as transportation, water-power, building constructions. As the development of economic, rock drilling tools show its great important role in those areas. The type of it mainly includes Top hammer drilling tools, downhole drilling tools, Rotary drilling tools. As a kind of drilling tools, rock drilling bits become an indispensable part in drilling process. The most useful and poplar drilling bits includes tapered drill bits, high air pressure down the hole bits, PDC drill bits, roller bits and so on.

In the past decades, compared with western countries, the drilling technique in china is far behind. At that time, many techniques are introduced from western counties. Under such circumstance, the drilling tools have many disadvantages, difficult to operation, easy to be broken. While since 2005, adopted with advanced techniques, the drilling industry has a rapid and stable development in China. In 2009, there are many drilling tool companies and steel producers in China. It has been reported that the quantity of hard alloy used in drilling tools manufacturing reaches 5600tons, which occupies 25% of the total cemented carbides quantity in the country. And the quantity of various kinds of drilling tools reaches up to about 52million which marks the big progress china has achieved. In the present years, China is paying much more attention to improve the drilling tools producing techniques.

Actually, during the drilling process, the drilling tool products will suffer great power from rock, which may cause bad abrasion for the tools. In such a case, there is no denying that the life service of it is very short. So in order to enhance drilling working efficiency, of course, it s necessary to improve the quality, performance, service life of drilling bits, which mainly related with the drilling material. Nowadays, many professional drilling companies in China, such as Qideli Rock Drill Tools Co., Ltd, are using tungsten carbides and hard alloy to produce the tools. Those materials are of high-melting point, anti-pressure tolerance and abrasion resistance.

As for drilling bits, it plays an important role in rock drilling process. According to different rock formations, we should choose different bits because some bits are suitable to be used in the rock with soft formation, while others can be used in various kinds of rock formations includes soft formation, medium-hard formation and tough formation. In the past years, the chisel bits are widely used because of easy production and cheap cost. But it has the disadvantage of short service life and low drilling speed and so on. So nowadays people are intended to use other types of drilling bits to work such as tapered or thread button bits, which have longer service life, faster drilling speed and high working efficiency.

Hope to see a higher breakthrough in the field of rock drilling tools in China!

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