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China¡¯s Wanda Group start to advertise their resource integrating tactic

December 21, 2013-China-During latest many years, the growth of hotel company of has turning into quicker and more quickly. From your point of view of 2012 monetary statements of Wanda group, the income from the hotel management organization of Wanda Group has previously reached at 2.804 billion RMB which get the raising of 76.2%. The brand new operate report of Wanda Group from the initially half of 2013 has shown the Wanda hotel organization revenue reached to one.59 billion RMB that get the escalating of 32.7%.

MR Mo, vice president Wanda Beijing Cultural Business Group Co., Ltd ( )informed reporters that Wanda group has additional a whole new business for travel agency, which the most important task will be to integrate Wanda Group's numerous tourist assets. Wanda Group has also pledged that they also would like to integrate many different resource factors this kind of as carrying out arts, movie technology, indoor and outdoor play, Hall of Fame Museum, industrial brand and the hotel brand.

In this integrated procedure, the vital but little profit travel agency company ought to be not the primary potential profit contribution to Wanda Commercial Properties cultural business enterprise. Inside the near future, the core profit stage on the Wanda Cultural Small business have to be the cultural tourism, hotel and various projects. Wanda Tourism has wantonly integrated regional agencies and developed Showmanship platform in quite a few cities and regions where have a lot of tourist sources and Wanda tourism projects. Between all tourism assets that have been integrated by Wanda Cultural, the hotel small business really should be 1 of the vital elements.

Inside the to start with half of this yr, Wanda Group has profitable completed their investment within the development of five-star Wanda hotel in London, the amount of investment of this project in London was virtually ¡ê 700 million. It has been estimated the development spot of ??Wanda Group¡¯s hotel in London will attain to 105,000 square meters. Expected by the finish of 2014, the quantity of the Wanda hotels throughout the world will be increased to 68. Additionally, in the present pace of advancement, the Wanda hotels throughout the globe opened in 2015 are going to be more than 80 and this amount might be change by 200 soon after decade.

The long term resource integration will very enrich the general power and reputation of Wanda luxury hotels across the planet. Their professional service in cinema marketplace, hotel, cultural tourism and also other location will make very contribution to people throughout the planet. Right after this integration action, Wanda Group may even have other major plan within the future.

About Wanda Group

Dalian Wanda Group Co Ltd should be China¡¯s most specialist and biggest business property enterprise and the world¡¯s biggest cinema chain operator. Wanda also operates luxury hotels, culture & tourism tasks and department stores.

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